Our products

The wide range of products offered by our Gourmet Family confectionery factory pleases with its range and range, all products are distinguished by excellent taste and high consumer qualities. If it’s sweets or marmalades, it’s only from natural ingredients, if baking is the freshest and most fragrant, if cakes or pastries are the most delicate and beautiful. And in how many forms are cookies presented: shortbread, puff, custard, biscuit, cream and chocolate, nut and fruit, with a variety of fillings and fillings! And at the same time, the price of products is acceptable for the sweet tooth with any income! In addition, high-quality and environmentally friendly packaging of our products preserves all the useful properties of products from the moment of production to the last crumb! Perhaps that is why the brand Gourmet Family knows all of Ukraine and foreign countries.

If you are interested in wholesale, and you want to buy sweets, cookies, cakes, pastries for sale in our own outlets, we are ready to offer you very favorable partnership conditions.