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What is the perfect dessert? Fragrant, alluring, delicious. But this will not be enough. Gourmet-family began its journey as a family company, so for us sweets are more than just tasty. Our desserts are emotions that we want to share with loved ones: family, loved ones, friends, colleagues.

We are not just preparing goodies – we open the door for you to the wonderful world of sensations that our sweet candies and delicious cakes, wedding cakes and loaves, fresh pies and delicious rolls give.

Once you have tasted the Gourmet-family sweets, you will not be able to stop: here you will find an unprecedented assortment of products, a magical sweet dream that can cheer you up, amaze you with richness of taste and give a charge of energy and cheerfulness for the whole day.

Most of the sweets we make by hand and put in every candy, every cookie all our love, warmth and good mood. We are proud of our work, because it allows us to make your smiles sparkling as our icing, and your mood as airy as our eclairs. It is important for us that the little sweet tooth and their parents do not worry about health, so all of our products are as natural and much safer than imported analogues.

Gourmet-family is a modern, dynamic company that has been manufacturing flour confectionery products for 17 years. We feel responsible to our partners and consumers, so we keep up to date and prepare the best sweets for you. We are not going to rest on our laurels; therefore, we are constantly working on improving the formulation, modernizing technologies and improving product quality. There are still many sweet peaks ahead!

The aromatic and seductive taste of our desserts have already been appreciated not only in Ukraine, but also in the Baltic states, and in the future, the whole of Europe will be able to pamper itself with natural delicacies that store a lot of positive emotions and unprecedented feelings.

Try it and see for yourself – “Gourmet-family” – more than just delicious!

Gourmet family is more than just delicious. We are an active young company, aware of its responsibility to society. And these are not just beautiful words. As an expensive delicacy that is appreciated not only by one beautiful wrapper, “Gourmet-family” strives not only to provide you with sweets, our goal is to make life itself sweet. That is why we are for product quality, modern technology and trusting relationships with our customers and partners.

We have a large and close-knit team of true experts in their field, who love their work and perform it at the highest level. Therefore, our products are not just tasty and “made with soul”. “Gourmet-family” – for the benefit and safety. Our company is a stable enterprise that is constantly increasing production and expanding the staff of manufacturers. We are proud that we can provide our employees with decent work and offer many different vacancies in the labor market. “Gourmet-family” is a large and friendly family, a good team and highly paid work.

We never stand aside and willingly go towards various charitable initiatives, as well as render feasible sponsorship assistance. So, we regularly supply Kremenchug orphanages with necessary equipment, etc. It is really important for the company to keep abreast of many social issues.

“Gourmet-family” – always with you and for you!

“Gurman Family” made a lot of efforts to create tasty, healthy and natural products. We work only with trusted and reliable suppliers of environmentally friendly raw materials. All raw materials that go into production are thoroughly tested. “Gurman Family” – for a healthy diet, so our products do not contain GMOs, artificial colors and preservatives.We are real fans of our business, therefore technology and quality of production are always under constant control. The company uses the most modern equipment to create confectionery products that are distinguished by excellent taste and excellent quality.We adore our work and try to cook our goodies as we would feed our households. “Gurman Family” is one big family that wants everyone to be able to get high-quality products – sweets made with love and warmth.We are maximalists and strive to do only the best. It is precisely because of this that our products fell in love with Ukrainian consumers and even entered the neighboring countries market, which appreciated the excellent quality and vivid taste combinations of our pastry masterpieces.

We are the real sweet tooth and just love to cook confectionery. At first “Gourmet-family” was a family business and we treated our relatives and friends with our sweets. Seeing what kind of response our goodies find, we decided to “share” them with everyone.

Our company opened its doors on February 3, 1999. At first, there were only 5 confectioners in production. But even then we knew that confectionery is our real universe: sweet, fragrant and unique. We grew, developed, increased the staff of employees and didn’t notice how from a small family we became an enterprise with 2 workshops, in which cakes and cookies were prepared.

In 2012, we opened another workshop in which oriental sweets were prepared. It was the year of our breakthrough! Our cakes, cakes and cookies have gained popularity throughout Ukraine!

It’s all about love. Well, we’re just madly in love with our business and get real pleasure when we manage to please other people with our goodies. Inspired by success, we did not stop there: we acquired the latest European equipment and opened a line for the production of sweets and glazed products.

Over the years, we have “grown” out of several types of cakes and today we can boast of a chic assortment: 200 items of confectionery. Love sweets – please! I love classic sweets – we also have them, you’ll lick your fingers! Or maybe you are always looking for exclusive products? Among the rich assortment of confectionery products, our author’s sweets occupy a separate niche. It’s worth a try once, and you won’t exchange them for anything in the world!

We carefully monitor the global confectionery market and try to surprise you with the most original, tasty, fresh and fashionable recipes. And so that this pleasure does not harm our health, we use high-quality raw materials, advanced equipment and the latest technologies that allow us to prepare delicious cakes, fragrant rolls, delicious sweets and beautiful cakes for you.

And not so long ago we set a sweet record in the “Book of Records of Ukraine”. Our masters prepared the largest casserole in the country weighing 113 kg and treated all the inhabitants of the city. The casserole was so delicious that it was eaten in just half an hour!

More than 15 years have passed, and the small enterprise has grown into a large company, which managed to achieve the perfect balance of product quality and affordable prices, to gather a real team of professionals around and establish partnerships with many companies. But our most important achievement is your sincere smiles and happy eyes. Without you, “Gourmet-family” simply would not exist! You give us an unprecedented charge of energy, thanks to which we work every day to become even better, because the main goal of our company is a sweet fairy tale, warmth and love, which we want to share with each of you.

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