About Us

What is our distinctive feature?

We started as a family company, so sweets means for us more than just candies in beautiful wrappings. They are like sweet moments of life for us: wedding cake, which is cut by happy newly wedded couple, refined pastries in the morning for a loved one, warm and friendly tea drinking with the pies and rolls, and sometimes the same candy that is impossible and so you want…

We prepare the classic sweet delicacy with the same love and enthusiasm: «Napoleon» cake or cupcakes, keeping a canonical and familiar taste from childhood, and working fearlessly with new classics such as tiramisu and with more sophisticated desserts. Most of the sweets we produce manually, so get to work only in a good mood to put our soul and warmth into every cupcake, cake or candy. We pay special attention to children’s sweets – our «bears» are safer than imported counterparts, moreover all our products are organic in composition.

Our goal

We feel a responsibility to our partners and consumers and therefore we are constantly working on improving the recipes, upgrading technology and improving product quality. Our friendly relationships with customers and employees are imbued with trust and caring because we are like one big family.

Our history

The confectionery company «the Gourmand-family» was founded on 3 February 1999 as a family business. We started our production with 5 confectioners, gradually evolving we have expanded the state for 2 departments (trading and the baking). The department of Eastern sweets has appeared recently in 2012, and our products have gained popularity all over Ukraine already! In the same year our departments were fitted with the newest european equipment and we opened the production line of candy and toffee products. Our product range includes over 200 kinds of confectionery products today, including classic sweets and our own sweet invention.

We focus on professionalism in our work, using the best traditions of the Ukrainian confectioners and continuously maintain the production at the level of modern requirements. Our experts work carefully improving recipes and developing new confectionery products. We select only the best for our customers among all the world’s confectionery trends. You can be confident with the quality of our product, because the process of it’s production is monitored constantly.

For more than fifteen years of experience in the confectionery market we have achieved a lot: a strong distribution network, opened and compulsory partnership, the perfect balance of product quality and affordable prices, highly qualified staff and the ability to master quickly the technological processes. We work on self-improvement every day because the main goal of the confectionery company «the Gourmand- family» is the focus on the consumer, his tastes, wishes and happy smile. Recently we have set a sweet record entered in the » The Book of records of Ukraine». Our craftsmen have prepared the biggest cheese casserole in the country, weighting 113 kg and have treated with it all residents of the city. The cheese casserole was so delicious that it was eaten just in a half of hour! We will have a lot of achievements ahead. The main thing is that our records, both sweet and professional to bring joy to people.

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